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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proverb meaning in tamil is பழமொழி

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And that is one proverb that the Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society APSACS seems to have dutifully taken to heart. The proverb Necessity is the mother of invention applies well to the achievement of four engineering students of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Malnad College of Engineering Hassan. The proverb of course is the devil can quote scripture for his purpose which means people may conceal unworthy motives by reciting words that sound morally authoritative. Hasan Suroor has made a conscious twist of the proverb to explain why Francis Fukuyamas views are significant. A Chinese proverb says Do not feed people with fish but teach them how to fish. Provide Tamils with clean drinking water shelter good roads uninterrupted electricity hospitals schools and security in daytoday life. A Moroccan proverb about fantasies may well sum up the audience reaction he has no trousers but his belt is forty cubits long.