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And it was the unheralded Sai Venkatesh who came off the bench in the final seconds who found the hoop to help his team take a 7370 decisive lead which also proved to be the winning margin. The burly lad proved effective in marking out his man and also came up with timely conversions to keep his team in the hunt. Sandeep Michael proved the weak link in the Airlines frontline missing a few chances and failing to carry on an attack initiated either by Dhanraj Vikram or Halappa. The Kalachakra programme slated to begin at Amaravathi on January 5 proved to be a golden opportunity to let the world know about the problems of their homeland under foreign occupation. But the Corporation had filled up the potholes with sand that proved to be of no use to the road users. Singh who proved to be an able administrator as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister will be now 151 as president of the main Opposition party. Continuing his fine run Parimarjan Negi proved equal to Serbias Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic in the fifth round of the Hastings Masters chess tournament and shared the lead with seven others in Hastings United Kingdom on Sunday. Hundreds of doctors from India and Pakistan who came to Britain for better career prospects are struggling to survive on borrowed money and charity as the jobs they had hoped to find has proved elusive. Clearly the more aggressive of the two Prakashs net points proved more lucrative in the second set. Mallikarjun Kharge and Maharashtra Governor S.M. Krishna and said the success of the Congress in 14 of 27 zilla panchayats in the elections has proved that he has consolidated his position.