proprietor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proprietor meaning in tamil is உரிமையாளர்

proprietor meaning in tamil with example

proprietor tamil meaning and more example for proprietor will be given in tamil.
There are frequent enquiries for these books from the French visitors says Shyam Kumar proprietor of Idiom Booksellers Mattancherry. The distributors and exhibitors have spent all the time in waiting for new releases as they are forced to change the film every week says R.V. Bhupala Prasad secretary of Krishna District Film Distributors Association and proprietor of Navarang theatre. We are providing this facility for the first time in southern Kerala said Santhamma Mathew proprietor of the 100bed Credence Hospital Institute for Womens Health and Fertility Research. Nagamalleswara Rao president of the Vijayawada Hoteliers Association and proprietor of Hotel Raj Towers. Meanwhile in another case involving Ms Baba Sutli Works Mr Gupta dismissed the anticipatory bail application of the accused and proprietor Vinod Kumar who had been charged with theft of power for industrial use. Babu Narendra regional sales engineer V.S. Prasad and proprietor of Pilot service station M.V. Veereswara Rao were also present. With an orange bow tied to it the car was donated by Diljeet Titus proprietor of the law firm Titus and Company. Dawood proprietor of Dawood CD Centre at Venkateswara theatre centre in the town was charged with circulating pirated CDs. Venkateswara Rao proprietor of Sai Sify Cyber Caf at Swarnalok Complex on the charge of encouraging his customers to surf pornographic websites in his Internet centre. Christian Youth Association members Balasadan incharge Swarna Kumari matron Sobharani and Mayura proprietor Sekhar took part.