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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proprietary meaning in tamil is சொத்து

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Unfortunately the lack of an agreed standard for media and games players means each make 151 PSP or Gameboy 151 needs its proprietary software on a custom mini disk. Professor Thomson said researchers had previously grown stem cell cultures without animal products but those methods used poorly defined or proprietary products. TCS firmly established itself in the Life Insurance Pensions BPO space using its proprietary IIMS platform after clinching an engagement with the Pearl Group in the U.K. for 847 million during the quarter. Thirdly the safeguards agreement and additional protocol should not compromise proprietary technology and information nor should they involve the principle of pursuit or the accounting of past materials balances. Belgaum Minerals a proprietary company formed in 2002 produces aluminous laterite for cement industries situated in what is known as the Bhima Limestone Corridor between Tandur Wadi Gulbarga and nearby areas between Raichur and Gulbarga districts. Nachappa urged the Government to enact a law to give proprietary rights to the holders of Jamma Malai in the district. Kakodkar has more recently articulated 151 are the intangibles that come with safeguards and international inspection including protecting its proprietary breeder technology. Professors from Madurai Kamaraj University Imtech Chandigarh and scientists from multinational companies such as Accelrys Avesthagen and Ocimum will present papers and train delegates on using their proprietary software in immunoinformatics.