proposition meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proposition meaning in tamil is முற் போத்தம்

proposition meaning in tamil with example

proposition tamil meaning and more example for proposition will be given in tamil.
They said that the rice crop might not be a preferred proposition in cropping system like cottonwheat and cotton crop must be protected and the small area within ricewheat cropping system should be used to produce vegetables fruits fodder mushroom spices etc as these needed less water. Ramapuram told The HolyIndia that the resort which is slated to open by the yearend would have about 30 cottages and its unique selling proposition would be tribal tourism. It was of the view that the acceptance of such a proposition as a relevant consideration to invoke exceptional power under Article 356 of the Constitution may open the floodgate of dissolutions and has farreaching alarming and dangerous consequences. This question doesnt seem to be resolved so we have made this proposition to avoid any ambiguity and of course for the return we will obviously apply the Basle Convention on the transport of dangerous waste he said. Only when it turned into a viable financial proposition would investments flow into the sector at the desired levels to fuel economic growth of the country. Besides hosting nine matches in one month in Mumbai as was decided would be a tough proposition and the wickets will also not survive Pawar said but hoped that the problems would be sorted out. These new companies provide a compelling value proposition because of their differentiated strategies he said. Association for the Welfare of Private Milk Producers and Vendors of Pondicherry has resolved that they would sell at Rs.15 a litre as the maintenance of milch animals has become a difficult proposition and what with the hike in prices of cattle feed in the Union Territory.