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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
properties meaning in tamil is உடமைகள்

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According to NHAI officials DDA is now fighting shy of the approval since CRRI had suggested a design change under which a petrol pump and many more properties need to be demolished. But NHAI officials insist the design change being suggested by CRRI would not only lead to an escalation in cost of around Rs 5 crores but would also lead to a delay in the project since many more properties would have to be acquired and demolished. This organisation has attached the bank accounts of the employers as well as their movable and immovable properties and the properties of 24 employers are to be auctioned. All the funds to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam are through collections from the public and properties donated by devotees. During the first week of the drive that started on December 19 all the zones were targeted with demolition squads taking action against 50100 properties daily. In all 11 residential and 17 commercial properties were targeted that included sealing of two commercial properties in Central zone. The demolition squads razed five properties four commercial and one residential while 10 residential and 11 commercial properties were partly demolished. So far the civic body has targeted only 486 properties 134 residential and 352 commercial that includes sealing of seven residential and 67 commercial establishments. His family 151 and probably others in the area 151 unknowingly consumed the yettobetested Bt brinjal without quite knowing its properties or side effects. The drive targeted unauthorised constructions in 15 residential and 20 commercial properties that included sealing of three commercial establishments in South Zone for violating building bylaws.