proof meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proof meaning in tamil is ஆதாரம், சான்று

proof meaning in tamil with example

proof tamil meaning and more example for proof will be given in tamil.
ARDENT KNIGHT CUP 1600m rated 40 and above Cedros Burden Of Proof Kariba 48 Suraj Narredu 1 Al Qamar 59.5 R. KELACHANDRA NEW MILLENNIUM CUP 1400m 4 5yo Terms Caprese Burden of Proof Cape Star 53 Gallagher 1 Hesperus 55.5 Appu 2 Camarioca 60 R. The fully ornamental monolithic bull has 100 per cent anatomical accuracy a proof of the high standard of sculptures that were being carved in and around Dhanyakataka that is how Amaravathi was known then said Assistant Superintending Archaeologist D. Swamy however criticised Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for saying without proof that her telephone too was tapped. He showed the demolished compound wall of house belonging to former MLA R.R. Kallur and said it was proof enough that the drive is impartial. The corridor is narrow and hardly a few metres wide and is hemmed in by elephant proof trenches on one side adjoining private land and the steep Moyar gorge on the other. Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi on Monday maintained that there was no proof linking him to the Bofors gun deal payoffs but expressed his willingness to be questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI in Italy. Quattrocchi faxed a statement from Milan reacting to the latest controversy concerning the Indian Governments recent communication to the British authorities that there was no proof linking the funds in his two banks accounts in London with the gun deal. Simultaneously it claims there is no proof to link the money in his London accounts with the Bofors payoffs.