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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The movement of financial data among banks between banks and their clients and among people is likely to become more fast efficient and less prone to errors than ever before Mr. The mosquito carrying the malarial parasite is most prone to attack its victim around one a.m. From eradication to protection All our lives the war on malaria has been about eradication. He said diabetic patients are prone to halitosis and should give extra care to maintain oral hygiene. People who inhale the poisonous smoke from these burning waste are prone to various diseases concerning with lungs and cancer says its coordinator S. According to a release the schemes included selfreliance programme Waste Land Development Scheme Drought Prone Area Development Project Sampoorna Grama Rojkar Yojana SGRY and Total Sanitation Scheme. A sum of Rs. 3.01 crores had been allotted for the Drought Prone Area Development Scheme and Rs. 1.35 crores for the Wasteland Development Scheme. People who were obese those taking alcohol sedatives or sleeping pills and those with the habit of loud snoring were prone to Sleep Apnea the release said. Qanooni is prone to antiAmericanism. He believes that an openended NATO presence suits Afghanistans security needs. With younger Indians prone to heart attacks and many likely to develop symptoms while at an airport and on a flight such emergency care has become necessary Dr. Though more studies may have to be carried out to prove the connectivity between plastics and diabetes it is wiser to avoid plastics as far as possible particularly by those who are diabetic or prone to diabetics.