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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
promptness meaning in tamil is தயார் நிலை, விரைவு

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These will also be processed in the LTUs electronically with utmost promptness and issued within 45 workings days of filing the returnclaim he said. This action of denying the elixir of life has paid rich dividends what with the defaulters exhibiting a surprising promptness in remitting a whopping sum of Rs. The objective perceptibly was to test the aptitude and skill speed and accuracy besides promptness of the student educational authorities point out. Lakshminarayana SI CCS and constables would be suitably rewarded for exhibiting promptness in nabbing the culprits the SP said. And yet their position was tenuous because their promptness would not reward them for the Government had not taken them into reckoning for extending any sort of relief or concession. Whether as Arjunas charioteer or when He joyously welcomed His childhood playmate Kuchela or when He unassumingly graced the humble Vidhuras house or in the promptness in which he responded to Draupadi or Gajendra His Saulabhya stands manifest. Else their promptness in collecting taxes utility charges through regular visits and announcements on PA system would smack of hypocrisy. The new duty schedule will considerably reduce the workload and hence enhance efficiency promptness and friendliness among them. SFI activists from Thrissur Kozhikode and Malappuram district took part in the march demanding efficiency and promptness in the conduct of examinations. Their responsiveness attitude body language promptness in entertaining the petitions and giving receipts and maintenance of the police station would be evaluated.