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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
project meaning in tamil is திட்டபணி

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The project is designed to provide supplementary and alternative source of income to the poor agriculturists by engaging them in nonfarm sector activities. Encouraged by the success achieved in the pilot districts and keeping in view the overwhelming support received from the project partners in development of nonfarm sector the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development has extended the project to cover more district in phases. Fish were being grown in these tanks and the Erode district administration should take steps to popularise fish farming as it can be harvested on all days said president of Lower Bhavani Project Ryots Association C. While the Congress which was then in the Opposition tried to project the issue as a fight between the communal BJP and a secular Congress the events that followed revealed that the crossover by many MLAs was in sheer pursuit of power. First instalment disbursed The Collector also disbursed a sum of Rs.60000 as a first instalment to him during the launching of District Rural Industries Project here on Wednesday. The two parks which have been merged under a single administration and brought under the Project Tiger harbour at least 150 tigers. The census figures obtained from the Forest Department here indicate that there were only 11 tigers in 1972 when the Project Tiger was launched. The pilot project in this connection will be launched at Kuttanad in Alappuzha district on January 2. The Rs.32.5lakh project will be the first intensive buffalo rearing promotion programme to be undertaken by the State Government.