prohibit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
prohibit meaning in tamil is தடை செய்

prohibit meaning in tamil with example

prohibit tamil meaning and more example for prohibit will be given in tamil.
Considering that none of the conditions laid down by the SCMC has been met Greenpeace calls on the Ministry of Environment and Forests to revoke its clearance for the Clemenceau and prohibit its arrival. The Basel Convention does not prohibit the ship from coming to India for dismantling if it has permissible limits of hazardous waste he said. Exposure visits involving villagers in the lake would be organised to Chilka lake in Orissa shortly in a bid to dispel the wrong notion that they would be displaced due to the enforcement of the GO 120 which intended to remove all sorts of encroachments and prohibit fish farming in the lake. He said the Government had already prepared a draft notification to prohibit use of tobacco and alcohol in food items prohibiting the sale of tobaccolaced gutka. The notification was likely to be finalised in a few months he added. The law should be amended to prohibit elected representatives being appointed Governors MPs contesting Assembly elections and sitting MLAs contesting for Parliament. The Madras High Court has mooted a legislation to prohibit payment of any compensation to those who drive vehicles drunk and get involved in accidents. If that is the case we will have to think carefully only about the supply of spares because the European Union guidelines prohibit exports to Myanmar. The controversy was a small level Myanmarrelated issue if at all which would have no effect on IndoU.K. relations. The authorities concerned may prohibit the traffic of tipper lorries through this stretch at least during peak hours to avert accidents and traffic conjunction.