progeny meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
progeny meaning in tamil is குழந்தைகள் - பொதுவாக, விலங்குகள் மற்றும் தாவரங்களின் அடுத்த தலைமுறை கன்றுகள்).

progeny meaning in tamil with example

progeny tamil meaning and more example for progeny will be given in tamil.
Islamism will spawn its inevitable fanatical progeny and Iraq till now mainly a magnet for panIslamic jihadists will become Afghanstyle a main exporter of them too it already is in fact as the Jordanian suicide bombings illustrated. Helping pregnant women maintain a normal glucose level would go a long way in preventing their progeny from developing diabetes later in life. Any sort of pollution would harm the progeny of starfish as they would easily perish in hostile environment. Breeds of display The varieties on display were the progeny of a Murra and local buffalo and the Nagpuri breed. Not just for namesake but the Lord here is revered as the bestower of progeny and the perpetuator of lineage. The property spread over 17.18 acres in the heart of Pink City which now houses a palace category hotel run by the Taj Group was gifted to Jagat Singh the only progeny of Gayatri Devi by his father the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh of Jaipur in 1956. Pareekshit was the only progeny who remained to succeed Yudhishthira as Aswatthama had killed all the sons of the Pandavas in a midnight massacre when they were sleeping mistaking them for the Pandavas. She was a woman of selfcontrol for Devahuti had served her husband for a lifetime when he was doing penance without allowing her desire for progeny to mar his spiritual practice. Another one on the life of a simple bird and how it struggles not only to survive but raise its own progeny was superb. Once the farmers complete their training the district administration would distribute foundation seeds a progeny of breeder seed at subsidised rates for the production of certified seeds.