profit meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
profit meaning in tamil is இலாபம், செளகரியம், அநுகூலம், நலன், பயன்பெறு

profit meaning in tamil with example

profit tamil meaning and more example for profit will be given in tamil.
They gained profit from watermixed liquor as well as selling premium labelled bottles containing lowpriced IMFL to consumers. The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark 30share sensitive index Sensex surrendered early gains as shares met with heavy profit taking and fell sharply to close with moderate loss of 7.79 points at 9390.14 on Monday the first trading day of 2006. A company that had made profit of Rs.128 crores during the year 20002001 had come to such a plight. In contrast to the dipping profit since the past couple of years the company has registered increase in sales. The tribals who gathered to protest were fighting for their basic rights 151 the right to their lands homes and to peaceful expression of dissent against the use of their lands for private profit and environmental destruction. But now schools and colleges were being started by politically influential persons investing with a profit motive. But the profit will come at the cost of the health of hundreds of workers and the poisoning of land used to bury tonnes of toxic asbestos. Reliance Industries recorded a fall in net profit at Rs.1776 crore for the third quarter ended December 31 2005 compared to Rs. E.K. Majhi secretary agriculture hinted at the possibility of foreign nationals and corporations making profit from the countrys indigenous and traditional knowledge if not safeguarded well. He also stressed the need for minimising profit margins which would facilitate uninterrupted business opportunities than desiring for a huge profit and losing the business once for all.