proficient meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proficient meaning in tamil is திறமையான, ஆற்றல்

proficient meaning in tamil with example

proficient tamil meaning and more example for proficient will be given in tamil.
Robinson a highly proficient player did not live up to his reputation and let his team down as Indian Railways which struggled initially entered the final in the mens section at the 56th edition of the Senior national basketball championship here. Martina Hingis back from a threeyear retirement is as proficient on the doubles court as she is in singles at the Australian Open. Arnos Padre who had mastered Sanskrit at a time when learning it was a taboo even to nonBrahmin Indians was equally proficient in Malayalam. Sajan said the DSMC had set up proficient choir groups in almost all parishes of the Mar Thoma Church. Though a translator may be proficient in both languages it still takes a conscious effort to remain true to the text. In a business world marked by increasing specialisation in every area of operation managers needed to be persuasive emphatic knowledgeable about products proficient in solving problems adept at handling conflict and skilful in managing crises. P. For Z category candidates should have been born between January 1973 and September 1989 should be able to write and read English and should have knowledge of elementary arithmetic and proficient in playing any one string musical instrument guitar sarod violin cello contrabass etc. High school and college students already proficient in English can opt for counselling sessions at a fee of Rs. While stressing the importance of English he said that in these days of the computer age it was imperative that everyone should be proficient in the link language and acquire skills in computer applications.