profession meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
profession meaning in tamil is தொழில்

profession meaning in tamil with example

profession tamil meaning and more example for profession will be given in tamil.
He was in most peoples opinion crazy enough to say no to the profession which most of our school toppers still dream of joining. In his message the President said As we enter into the New Year 2006 let us resolve to excel in whatever we do whatever may be our mission or our life or profession or task in which we are engaged. I believe Venus intense love for animals and sensitivity towards their plight became my dream which fortunately also later became a profession for me says Vivek. He said the medical profession was noble and the services rendered by its personnel should not go unrecognised. Guest speakers delegates and leaders have said in one voice that agriculture has seized to be an independent profession in India and that it could be practised only as parttime activity by rural people. In their submission they said that Section 30 of the Act imposed unconstitutional restrictions on the rights of women to pursue their profession in hotel management and the other facets of the hospitality industry. As one committed to the highest standards of the profession and fully conversant with the newspapers traditions K. He said that there was a need for adopting a synergistic approach by pooling resources harmonious integration of network and manpower and relating health profession to social problems of drugaddiction and female foeticide for improving the overall quality of life of the people. The competing baristas also acquire a sense of pride in the profession and get motivated to greater creativity and customer delight.