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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
procrastination meaning in tamil is தாமதம் செய்தல், தள்ளிப்போடல்

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Procrastination The vigour and zeal of the party men would slacken because of this procrastination in forming the government feel a section of functionaries of the Congress. Anbalagan also said that the Congress was making a mockery of democracy by such procrastination in forming a fullfledged government. Anbalagan said the DMK PMK and the CPI were also responsible for the procrastination in putting a full Ministry in place. Political constraint The Governments procrastination has had more to do with political compulsions and much less with a search for a substantially different pricing formula. Here is an inspiring example in a situation where many anticipate riches to justify procrastination for exercising philanthropy he said with a tone of reverence to Prof. Although everyone struggles with some natural tendency to avoid unpleasant tasks with many people procrastination really interferes with enjoyment of life. World Procrastination Day is observed on Wednesday 151 a day to recognise procrastination as a serious condition that can be cured. Contrary to the belief that procrastination is a cause of laziness it is a condition that arises due to cognitive distortions. Bad habits You should shun laziness the attitude of procrastination and the habit of sleeping excessively he said.