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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proclamation meaning in tamil is அதிகார பூர்வமான அறிக்கை

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Raj Singh Dungapurs proclamation that Ganguly will play in the Tests is likewise surprising especially as it comes from a manager and not a selector. Though the Union Cabinet got off with less it should introspect on the haste with which it forwarded the Proclamation for the Presidents assent. Sundar Krishna Greensburg Pennsylvania Those of us who applauded the May 23 proclamation as the only democratic and constitutionally proper course should accept some moral culpability. Even after the Supreme Court declared the proclamation unconstitutional those who maintained that the Court did not consider the dissolution such an outrage as to reverse it completely have some explaining to do. In todays fashioncrazy world where traditional concepts are giving way to the eclectic branded jewellery is a proclamation of the change. In a proclamation on Human Rights Day last year President George Bush made a promise of liberty for countries that denied their citizens human rights and individual freedoms. They were relieved from service and arrested on Friday before she proclaimed emergency and claimed that their coupbid had been crushed. The chiefs of all three military wings and the police force pledged their loyalty to the President after her televised proclamation of emergency. This year two new masterpieces the Baul songs of Bangladesh and the Drametse Ngacham dance of Bhutan have been included in UNESCOs Proclamation on Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Even though the question of the validity of the proclamation of Presidents Rule March 7 2005 was not raised the fact is that was the original sin.