proceed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
proceed meaning in tamil is தொடர்தல்

proceed meaning in tamil with example

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This Vegam service will connect Pendurthy NAD Kotha Road and Kancharapalem to Railway Station and City Bus Station from where it will proceed to Jagadamba Siripuram Andhra University. Pamuk was hauled up in court but the hearing was postponed to February 7 ostensibly on the grounds that the approval of the Justice Ministry was needed to proceed with the trial. The Commission has gone ahead with the appointments and might proceed with the interviews shortly having completed the moderation of marks as a prelude to it. Asked why he was not filing an FIR against Reliance Infocomm which is accused of being involved in the tapping he said he was taking legal opinion and would proceed accordingly. Counsel for Bihar sought permission for filing a supplementary affidavit to proceed further in the case. While the agenda for the meeting would be fixed through diplomatic channels the two sides had now reached an important consensus to proceed from the overall situation of developing friendly relations and to make positive efforts to promote the process of borderissue talks Mr. I thought to cancel the holidays but then allowed them to proceed for a couple of days because this occasion comes only once in a year and although the players would hardly get a chance to celebrate it they would still have the satisfaction of being with their families Inzamam said. After hearing the objections in the second phase now in progress the Government would proceed with the final declaration expected to be issued by the monthend.