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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
prisoner meaning in tamil is கைதி

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HalfBlood Prince Goblet of Fire Prisoner of Azkaban Chamber of Secrets 2. As long as the party remains a prisoner of the factionalists it will be constrained to keep on looking with nostalgia on the Vajpayee era. Gudiyas case came into media focus in August last year when Mohammad Arif who had gone missing in action since the 1999 Kargil war was repatriated by Pakistan as a Prisoner of War. Gudiya became the focus of media attention in August 2004 when her husband Mohammad Arif who had gone missing during the 1999 Kargil war was repatriated by Pakistan as a Prisoner of War. A TV channel on Monday shot him ringing up Home Secretary H.C. Shirohi and directing him to shift the prisoner to a hospital and allow him to meet visitors and provide him with all facilities stressing that he happened to be handicapped. The judicial officials conducting the prison adalat ascertain the nature of offence period of term served by the prisoner etc. An undertrial woman prisoner in Central Jail here attempted to end her life in the prison here on Wednesday. The prisoner was identified as Meladi Kizhakke Kathirattil Hajira 23 who had been in jail since July 18 2005 as the undertrial in connection with a case filed by the Payyoli police in Kozhikode district last year. The warden of the Chavakkad subjail Devassy was suspended on Wednesday following the escape of a remand prisoner from the jail on Tuesday. An interesting feature of this years convocation is that a prisoner of Rajahmundry Central Prison K.