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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
principles meaning in tamil is கொள்கைகள்

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Hough traditional breeding and genetic modification share some basic principles there are key differences between the two methods. The principles of natural law are permanent and comprehensive but the determination of what is just by human enactment must vary with the different circumstances of mankind. Duty is cast upon the Government under Article 21 to protect the environment and the two salutary principles which govern the law of the environment are i the principles of sustainable development and ii the precautionary principle the October 30 order says. Since the prosecution sought to cancel the bail on the ground that the accused had given a confession statement a copy should also be provided to the defence side to uphold the principles of natural justice the senior counsel added. Taking sides After coming out of the court he alleged that the Dalai Lama was not following Buddhist principles in true spirit and was siding with the moneyed people and raised slogans asking him to go back. Studies conducted by NATPAC show that the existing pattern of road development without exhibiting the principles and practices of road safety auditing is the prime reason for road accidents and fatalities. She will need firm principles to withstand the international carpetbaggers who will flock to Liberia. For more than two centuries the republic has found a place for everyone by elevating the principles of liberty equality and fraternity. Its sense of social responsibility and commitment to journalistic principles have been appreciated by all rightthinking people in India and abroad.