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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pretty meaning in tamil is அழகான

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pretty tamil meaning and more example for pretty will be given in tamil.
While they made a pretty picture for passersby for sellers the colourful sea of flowers was far from a happy sight. It is the story of one such builder a man who hobnobs with politicians by day and has a pretty dame on his arm by night. The year 2005 in fact was a reasonably good one for Muller a year in which he broke into the top 100 and also had some pretty decent runs. Then I get the game going and Im feeling pretty happy out there. But the Americans were always expected to level in the mens singles with world No. But the real harm that it did 151 and that was very pretty much its aim 151 was to lend academic legitimacy to the idea of a world essentially without ideology except of the kind practised by the only superpower left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Setter Kasi Viswanath attackers Dhananjhaya Rao Ravinder Reddy and blocker Ajay Kumar Reddy kept up the pressure on HP whose defence was pretty weak. V rated 00 to 30 Skywards Storm Trooper 151 Indrayani 61 cd 58.5 V.Jodha 1 Rare Look 54.5 C.Rajendra 2 Viceroy 59 Rupesh 3 and Pretty Ballerina 59.5 McCullagh 4. Madhubala for Dev Anand was a pretty girl who was nevertheless whimsical. She used to giggle a lot though. The Uzbek lost that small encounter too and as Federer later explained He played pretty good you know under the circumstances against me. In the final analysis I thought the Indians stuck to their job pretty well 151 first while fielding and then captain courageous Dravid walked in himself along with Sehwag.