pretend meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pretend meaning in tamil is பாவனை செய், பாசாங்கு செய்தல்

pretend meaning in tamil with example

pretend tamil meaning and more example for pretend will be given in tamil.
After offloading the consignment he used to park the lorry close by and pretend as if he was sleeping. Men and women from North Korea to Burma Myanmar to Syria to Zimbabwe to Cuba yearn for their liberty ... Our nations must not pretend that people of these countries prefer their own enslavement. Recalling his encounter with C.V. Raman where the Nobel laureate explained the basics of physics he said Dont pretend to say you know when you dont know. Personal contact with people was more important than the information on the website. In Iran a proud people is held hostage by a small clerical elite that denies basic liberties sponsors terrorism and pursues nuclear weapons. Our nations must not pretend that the people of these countries prefer their own enslavement. Individuals and family trusts can establish and manage institutions as purely commercial ventures subject to commercial laws and not pretend to be charitable institutions. Police said the accused after the victim fell unconscious would pretend to be his or relative and take the person to a secluded place where they would then rob the person. The DMDK has raised the hackles among the politicians though outwardly they keep a brave face and pretend as if the newcomer is of no consequence. The Conservative Partys deputy chairman Eric Pickles had a point when he said that it would not do to pretend that those who backed the BNP did it for reasons other than its promise to keep Britain white. I was just driving around Bangkok with two friends and the tuktuk driver let me sit in the front to pretend I was driving and I thought One day I will drive one of these back to England. They are making the trip to raise 50000 for Mind a British mental health charity.