pressure meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pressure meaning in tamil is அழுத்த உபயோகிக்கும் சக்தி, வற்புறுத்தல், நிர்ப்பந்தம், செல்வாக்கு, கஷ்டம், அவசரம்

pressure meaning in tamil with example

pressure tamil meaning and more example for pressure will be given in tamil.
The decision wasnt tough for me at all but there was pressure from my mother and some relatives who strongly felt it was foolish not to join the MBBS course he told The HolyIndia at Kozhikode the other day. But he managed to keep the pressure on the PSB defence not allowing much room to the bank teams midfielders at the same time. While agitating for the categorisation of Scheduled Castes it has decided to exert pressure on the Government to construct temples of Lord Jambavantha in all SC colonies. The confederation has urged the MPs to pressure the Union Government to take steps to arrest the illegal entry of foreign cigarettes in the country which was affecting the tobacco growers in the State. Emerald ended the first quarter with a 10 point lead and kept the pressure on its rival. For years the Pakistan cricketers have been masters of the mind game trying to load pressure on the Indians at every given opportunity. Due to annual flushing of the Shadipur reservoir water supply will be available at low pressure in East Patel Nagar West Patel Nagar South Patel Nagar Shadipur and Khampur village for four days beginning this Monday. Water supply will also be at low pressure in C8 Sector18 of Rohini BB W Block of Shalimar Bagh and Motia Khan DDA flats due to annual flushing of overhead tank underground tank and booster pumping station this coming Tuesday. Similarly water supply will be at low pressure in Sector C6 of Vasant Kunj and Okhla Industrial AreaIII this coming Tuesday. Reddys posting as the incharge of the temple assumes significance as unprecedented political pressure was mounted on the TTD management for filling the post.