preserve meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
preserve meaning in tamil is பத்திரப்படுத்துதல், உணவை பதப்படுத்துதல்

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On Hong Kong and Macao he said the Government will firmly safeguard the longterm prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao the two special administrative regions SARs of China and preserve their autonomies. At the same time New Delhi appears to have successfully conveyed to the visiting President the futility of trying to preserve the unitary character of Sri Lanka in the search for a political solution of the conflict. Christian Piotre Deputy Chief of Staff of French Defence Minister Michele AlliotMarie in a letter dated February 11 2005 addresses the concerns of the NGO Ban Asbestos ... It is necessary to preserve the structure of the ship to allow its export to a demolition site. Urdu museum To collect and preserve manuscripts related to Urdu language the Maulana Azad National Urdu University MANUU will soon be establishing Urdu museum university vicechancellor A.M. Pathan said here on Tuesday. According to the proposal the village was to house a handicrafts centre a museum to preserve and exhibit traditional fishing equipment an ethnic food court and an openair theatre. Raghavan said that proper handling of fruits and vegetables putting up cold chains to preserve perishables and also using modern techniques of precooling and packaging would keep harvested produce fresher for longer periods of time. The watercolours have been done on acidfree mouldmade paper that would preserve the work reportedly for more than 500 years explains Manager of Wallframes Gallery Ranjit Vadakkan.