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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
prescription meaning in tamil is நிபந்தனை, அறிவுறுத்தல்

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In tune with Maradona Argentina has made a similarly startling comeback from economic chaos and decline through the application of an unorthodox prescription that has more in common with an antiglobalist manifesto than with WashingtonIMF guidelines. Sale of habitforming medicines across the counter without prescription is being strictly monitored in the city in view of drug abuse. Druggists are insisting on fresh prescription for sale of medicinesand are issuing bills even if the customer does not seek one. Unlike prescription drugs and supermarket products sportspersons dont come with the useby date stamped on their shirtfront. The prescription of mandatory competitive bidding for new capacity procurement for all except stateowned companies for the next five years is a clear manifestation of this it said. Past attempts in that direction such as the prescription of price bands for the oil marketing companies in the transportation fuel segment were more in the nature of palliatives. Terming the survey as favourable to the capital market brokers said the prescription of bold policy reforms in oil sector as well as tax and labour reforms would help industry become globally competitive. It is also clear that the warhappy and distinctly proIsraeli Bush administrations warped prescription for promoting democracy all over the world is boomeranging on it with both the Iranians and the Palestinians voting antiWest hardliners to power. Proper waste disposal and awareness creation on rational prescription of injections are two important aspects being stressed upon.