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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
prefix meaning in tamil is முன் ஒட்டு

prefix meaning in tamil with example

prefix tamil meaning and more example for prefix will be given in tamil.
Ramaswamy told The HolyIndia on the sidelines of a seminar here on Friday that the move to allow chartered accountants to prefix CA is part of a brand image creation for the profession. The prefix came to him because of his keen interest in wildlife just spotting the animals or photographing them for posterity. The prefix nawab was attached to his name for his sterling performance as a nawab in the Bhakta Ramadass play he says. Nowadays it is becoming a practice among engineers to prefix Er. to their names a kin to doctors Dr. to highlight their profession. It need not surprise anyone if the other candidates who are in the same predicament emulate the example and prefix or suffix the name of their constituencies to their name. Sudheendhra Putty Bangalore The anachronism of using the prefix His Excellency for Governors also deserves to be abolished. Azad Singh Bali Singapore It has become a practice to use the prefix His Excellency for the President the VicePresident Governors and so on. BSNL subscribers in Bangalore could dial 1255225 and those from outside Bangalore should prefix it with 9580 to get the results. After medical and engineering professionals it is now the turn of Chartered Accountants to put a prefix C.A. to their names. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ICAI has permitted Charted Accountants to put the prefix similar to Dr. BSNL landline subscribers in Hyderabad can dial 22222222 or 1255225 while people in other parts of the State have to prefix 9540 to the same numbers and dial.