preference meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
preference meaning in tamil is சலுகை, முன்னுரிமையாக நடத்துதல்

preference meaning in tamil with example

preference tamil meaning and more example for preference will be given in tamil.
This follows the order issued by the Reserve Bank of India to all scheduled commercial banks to give preference to Hallmarked jewellery while sanctioning gold loans. But after so many years down the line does Mullapudi Venkata Ramana hold the same view about Telugu peoples preference to borrow books rather than buy them. Sujanapal also felt in the afforestation programmes preference should be given to fruit bearing and other trees useful to people rather than trees like acacia and eucalyptus that had been extensively planted. National awardees She also thinks that national awardees are given more preference to other artisans. The draft pharma policy its Part B relating to statutory price control is awaited states that generic drugs will be totally free from price control and that these will be given preference in government purchases. There has been a clear occupier preference for property developed along the Outer Ring Road which points to concerns of accessibility and road infrastructure. Section 70 aims at putting an embargo on giving undue preference in favour of any particular person. He prayed for a stay on the operation of the impugned tender notification. Then came Rajinder Singh Sr. with an outstanding year in 2003 winning the fournation at Hamburg and the Asia Cup at Kuala Lumpur but was sacrificed before the Athens Games in preference to Rach. In the event Chinas preference prevailed with the ASEAN3 being designated as the prime mover at least for now. Vishwanath for misleading the High Command on the party local units preference for an alliance with the AIPJD.