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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
predictable meaning in tamil is நடப்பதை முன்கூட்டியே அறியத்தக்க

predictable meaning in tamil with example

predictable tamil meaning and more example for predictable will be given in tamil.
Her attempts to move beyond the predictable are evident and her recent works have matured with time and experience. BRITAINS GENERALLY predictable and laidback politics has suddenly come alive in the New Year infecting even those of us who come from cultures of nonstop political jousting. The sharpest and most predictable questions revolved around Indias relationship with the United States 151 the discomfiting aspects of the civiliannuclear deal Ambassador David Mulfords threatening remarks and American armtwisting on Iran. Of course it does not help that moments of guilty delight seem more appealing than the predictable charms of the faithful partner. While the story takes all the predictable twists and turns and weve seen it all in at least a dozen other films I have to admit that it is mildly engaging like something you might watch if you stumbled over it while channel surfing. Much of cricket revolves around outthinking the opposition and being predictable is a clear recipe for disaster. Employees organisations have reacted on predictable lines to the proposals of the Pay Commission those owing allegiance to the Government welcoming it and those allied with the Opposition expressing disappointment about the recommendations. The end result is 105 minutes of clichs predictable plot twist a hero in a midlife crisis and a very loud and painful escapade that ties them together rather poorly. Anishas 13.57 metres in triple jump went almost unnoticed by the handful of spectators comprising mainly athletes officials and mediapersons as the days proceedings went on predictable lines.