precocious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
precocious meaning in tamil is படுசுட்டி

precocious meaning in tamil with example

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England has sent its amateur champion David Grace from Leeds while Welsh Champion Andrew Pagett and its precocious 14yearold talent Michael White will represent the host country. Any more than has the precocious young Robinho at Real Madrid where he arrived last summer from Brazil trailing clouds of glory but failed to express his undoubted potential. But dont tell that to Martina Hingis the precocious Swiss Miss who dominated the womens game towards the very end of the last millenium. Sharapovas progress from a precocious 17year old wondergirl to a mature woman of substance through all the quotidian dramas of life and sport was never going to be easy given the stiff price shes had to pay for fame. She has also printed a booklet which features all the games played with the opening.The precocious girl exhibited her prowess in blindfold chess by outplaying a senior player in an exhibition match at Press Club amidst the curious media persons. Four years earlier at Lahti Shweta had missed that junior bronze on the countback in the World championship as a precocious 15yearold with the same score of 382. Precocious talent Even on Saturday the precocious talent of Tamim Iqbal who is quite clearly an amazing timer of the cricket ball took me by surprise. We are determined to help precocious kids who are at the crossroads of their sporting careers due to financial constraints he said.