precise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
precise meaning in tamil is துல்லியமாக

precise meaning in tamil with example

precise tamil meaning and more example for precise will be given in tamil.
Few facts have so far emerged on the precise role Abu Huzaifa played in the bombings other than the fact that he was linked to Tariq Dar the Srinagarbased pharmaceutical salesman who authorities say organised the terror attacks. The importance of Geography multiplied with mathematical application leading to precise and orderly description of the earths surface with suitable classifications observed M. P. It was vitally important that the precise nature of the coalition 151 the need simultaneously to coexist and fight 151 was spelt out. DSG transmission Laura also has the unique DSG transmission with direct shift gear enabling convenient quick and precise gear changes without interrupting the driving force much. It is pertinent to note that marks are a better and more precise index of a students performance than the socalled grade. One in order to encourage the students to give precise answers and not write anything irrelevant the size of the answer book should be limited to 32 or 36 pages without any additional sheetanswer book to be provided to them. Halappa set the move in motion with a long and precise pass for Butt who wasted no time in finding an unmarked Khandekar. Known as the tallest the bravest and the most handsome prince he rose above violence and greed at the precise moment of his victory over his brother Bharatha. Technological developments in the field of medicine have furthered the ability to devise more precise management strategies to deal with congenital and acquired anomalies.