precious meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
precious meaning in tamil is மதிப்புள்ள

precious meaning in tamil with example

precious tamil meaning and more example for precious will be given in tamil.
Not because of the real estate mafia that had been eyeing precious chunks of land here or the TTDs ambitious decision to provide housesites to its employees on its bed. In 8000 BC India had knowledge of nonferrous technology and was making alloys such as brass apart from widespread use of gold and other precious metals. Bunraku is today treasured as a precious historical performing art and has even been designated by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage. Though no elaborate studies on tapping this precious source have been made water from these quarries could be sufficient to meet the needs of panchayats or even small municpalities. Coverage includes all transactions in diamonds precious stones jewellery and bullion according to a release. Manali has a number of hazardous chemical and other industrial units and during an emergency there is a likelihood of losing precious time in evacuating people from affected areas. Why should we sacrifice our precious soil to bury some other countrys junk To a question on the Gujarat Pollution Control Boards position that it was capable of handling the hazardous wastes Dr. It is also expected to lead to massive savings in terms of precious fuel that the aircraft of different airlines frequently burn while waiting for their turn to land or take off. If the gate is closed people will have to go round both IFFCO and IAF colonies a distance of a few kilometres wasting precious time and energy.