precedent meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
precedent meaning in tamil is முன்னுதாரணம்

precedent meaning in tamil with example

precedent tamil meaning and more example for precedent will be given in tamil.
The fear that the expulsions have set a bad precedent that can be misused in future to upset thin majorities of parties in legislatures is ill founded. Expressing fears that the demolition of the Devaraja Market would set an unhealthy precedent that could not be reversed Dr. He said the DMK was trying to set a very unhealthy precedent in Tamil Nadu by trying to create another power centre in the State by using its presence in the Central Government. Kalimuthu pointing to 2001 as a precedent for beginning the budget discussions the day after its presentation Mr. Karunanidhi and Union Minister of State for Finance S.S. Palanimanickam the departments officers refused to carry out raids on her house on the ground that there was no precedent for conducting a raid on the house of an incumbent Chief Minister. Quoting a precedent in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly they said the then Governor of that State was reprimanded and recalled for sending his officials to the House. Keshava Rao termed it as an unprecedented and gigantic effort saying that it had no precedent anywhere in the world On Indiramma the APCC president said all villages in the State would be provided with 18 indicators of development as listed by the UN in three years. Kochar said giving concessions to DMRC would set a wrong precedent as other government organisations would also demand the same. Barker who along with wife is recuperating at Fishermans Cove believes that he may have set a precedent in this regard.