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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
prawn meaning in tamil is இறால்

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The organisers led by the Community College Principal George displayed a number of South and North Indian fish menu including prawn pepper fly Chettinad crab masala fish briyani prawn pulao bengali fish curry and other items. The prawn culture that proved to be a moneyspinner for scores of farmers was in doldrums now pushing the growers into a debttrap it said while underlining the need for transfer of technology from lab to the farmer to arrest the crisis. Sources say that some 100 kg raw meat and chicken each is being used daily in the menu in addition to fish and prawn specially procured from adjoining Nellore district. Based on the branch managers complaint CCB picked up the accused who was earlier into running a prawn culture unit. 5 lakh per annum through freshwater prawn culture Mudcrab culture in fibreglass cages will yield around Rs. They also seek priority for foodforwork programmes in tsunamihit districts abandoning of all projects which dump waste into sea and implementation of High Court order regarding prawn farm in coastal areas. The Aghanashini estuary has mangroves and supports several economic activities along its bank including salt panning low land paddy cultivation prawn farming and fishing. All cultivable land within the village limits was converted into prawn cultivation tanks during the aquaculture boom about a decade ago. All cultivable land on the island was converted into prawn tanks with the help of bulldozers and excavators. A case of energy theft worth nearly Rs.10 lakh by a prawn culture unit at Parangipettai falling under the Cuddalore Electricity Distribution Circle of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board was detected recently.