poke meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
poke meaning in tamil is நுழை, தலையீடு, குத்து

poke meaning in tamil with example

poke tamil meaning and more example for poke will be given in tamil.
When an executive authority is made to be seen as subject to all kind of pressures and counterpressures it becomes open season for one and all to poke their nose in others business. The Samithi warned the Government not to poke its nose into religious sentiments of the public by disturbing the autonomous nature of the various temple establishments. Khaleda also advised the interim government not to poke its nose in the functioning of the Election Commission. Well reflecting the middle class mentality Ganapathy Iyer the family head tries to poke his nose into the affairs of his copassengers. The story of a potential Asian dauphin to one of the most important royal houses of Europe appears to be a poke in the eye for colonial history and has sparked a rush of interest among royals in Europe. But animal rights folks hardly intervene when people stone dogs while they try to catch a nap or poke through some trash for food. The Minister is trying to poke his nose in my constituency as he is afraid of losing his constituency Mudinepalli in the delimitation process Mr.
don't poke your nose - தலையீடு செய்யாதீர்கள் , I poked a hole - நான் ஒர் துளை செய்துள்ளேன்