pocket meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pocket meaning in tamil is கிட்டங்கி

pocket meaning in tamil with example

pocket tamil meaning and more example for pocket will be given in tamil.
The failure in Hong Kong to achieve anything like a positive outcome for developing countries was a big blow given that the huge costs of unfair trade dwarf the pocket money deals on debt and aid. This year marked a step change in the popular understanding that global poverty is about more than dipping your hand in your pocket for the odd pound coin. He did miss the pocket occasionally but more than made up for that with some breathtaking long shots and canons. Moodie the impressive serveandvolleyer proved Bhupathis perfect foil and they broke their opponents twice to pocket the first set in 45 minutes. Jagadishs father Kondapalli Appa Rao was going to the bank to deposit the money when the found that his pocket was picked at Gopalapatnam junction here. In such circumstances most officials succumb to the pressures and threats and pocket few thousands rupees in the process he said. Pocket guide A pocket guide on Green Buildings brought out by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Indian Green Building Council was distributed. He said that the 12kilometre long road stretch connecting Regalla village and Markodu in Gundala forest pocket was undertaken some time in September last without the permission of the forest department. The milestone points to the road to Khoi Ratta a forward pocket of Kotli district of PoK adjacent to the Manjakote area of Rajouri district inJammu and Kashmir. Badiuddin Khan 115 Pocket B SFS Flats Sukhdev Vihar New Delhi 110 025. So long as some peoples pocket change can feed other peoples families for a week labour will seek and deserve all the freedom of movement that capital has been granted.