philanthropist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
philanthropist meaning in tamil is வள்ளல், கொடையாளி

philanthropist meaning in tamil with example

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The GCC which was established in 1954 is named after philanthropist Raosaheb B.M. Gogte who made a generous donation to the institution. Not just the employees but the general public and public representatives turned up to have a glimpse at philanthropist L. The 690 kg bell from London donated by a philanthropist in 1862 fetching holy water from the Vaigai for performing abhishekam verifying accounts on a daily basis and renovating the silver palanquin are some of the subjects that would figure in the presentation. A philanthropist from Coimbatore has donated the Rs.4lakh facility to light up the 196foothigh tower the emblem of Tamil Nadu Government the temple Executive Officer K. The college named after the freedom fighter and philanthropist Annie Besant is being managed by the Womens National Education Society WNES which has taken up a project of constructing a building at Kodialbail. A philanthropist According to M.V.R.J. Somyajulu an old student of Dr. A major philanthropist who contributed single handedly to see the gasifier crematorium come up Arvind Thangavel said the chairman had assured the Trustees of the unanimous support of councillors. The training centre has been established in the spacious hostel complex on two acres of land donated by a philanthropist from Kodagu on the outskirts of this famous pilgrimage town. It was later rechristened BEMP School as a mark of respect to Kaikose Ruderasha a Parsi philanthropist who generously donated funds for the development of the school.