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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pestle meaning in tamil is உலக்கை

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Large quantities of cardamom clove turmeric saffron sandal wood and spices heaped in the centre of the mantapa and tools used to powder them such as grinding stone pestle and mortar were decorated with flowers. As the old woman insisted on the papers Raju picked up a pestle from the house and began attacking her with it in a fit of rage. Ahmedi a victim of dowry harassment vaguely recalls that she lost consciousness after her husband Sheik Rafi 25 a lorry driver hit her head with a pestle a fortnight ago in their home at Nidamanur. An APSRTC bus driver of Hayatnagar depot died on Sunday after his wife allegedly smashed his head with a pestle on Wednesday at Raghavendra Colony in Hayatnagar. A heated argument ensued between them and in a fit of rage the latter brought a pestle from the kitchen and hit him. Bhanu of Kumara Park needed to make pulao she used to go to the shop of one Sanaullah who would toss spices into a pestle and mortar and give her the perfect blend. A man Basheer Khan allegedly killed his wife Shaik Shaheen Taj 30 and critically wounded his twoyearold daughter Sahara by hitting them on their heads with a pestle in Mohammednagar in Dudyala village of Sambepalle mandal. Narmada was lying in a pool of blood and was in a semiconscious state when the police entered the flat at 2.30 p.m. There were signs of the woman being clobbered by a pestle found in the room. They bludgeoned their heads with a pestle resulting in the instantaneous death of the womanNampally Inspector K.N.Vijay Kumar told reporters.