pesticide meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pesticide meaning in tamil is உயிர்கொல்லி

pesticide meaning in tamil with example

pesticide tamil meaning and more example for pesticide will be given in tamil.
Staff Reporter Worker ends life Kakinada A lathe machine worker Devarakonda Sudhakar 20 reportedly committed suicide by consuming pesticide at his home on Friday night. The District Development Council has asked the Agriculture Department to take steps to stop use of the pesticide Endosulfan in mango orchards and vegetable farms in the eastern parts of the district such as Chittur Muthalamada and Nelliampathy. The pesticide was applied even in mango trees that they took on contract in villages outside orchards the study report said. Despite pesticide sprays the plants were riddled with pests including bacterial leaf spot cercospora leaf spot yellow vein mosaic spotted bollworm powdery mildew spodoptera jassids aphids and white fly. Special Correspondent Farm worker ends life Kakinada A farm worker Rayudu Rambabu 25 allegedly committed suicide by consuming a pesticide at his house in Patavala village on Friday. The Commission also recommended cultivating vegetables using low cost net house technology for pesticide free cultivation as this method generated 50 per cent more income to farmers and recommended introducing the technology to be introduced on a large scale in the near future. The residents told the Collector that the deceased had bought edible oil in a pesticide container and the residue might have claimed their lives. Majority of the farmers were forced to spend huge amount of money on pesticide and fertilizers alone. According to Gajuwaka Police Ramana consumed the pesticide after her mother chided her for some petty issue and to check what she consumed the elder sister Anuradha too consumed it a little bit.