pestering meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pestering meaning in tamil is பிக்கல் பிடுங்கல்

pestering meaning in tamil with example

pestering tamil meaning and more example for pestering will be given in tamil.
Lokesh bounces into the singleroom tenement like any other kid pestering his mother to give him something to eat and then sprints out. However such pestering makes officials put difficult questions to them which exposes the card holders claims. Deadlock Adilakshmamma told the police and women activists that Sarita would do better to join her husband at Bangalore rather than pestering them here. A child vendor pestering a hesitant customer to strike a deal at the Ghazipur poultry market in East Delhi on Sunday. The stink of accumulated garbage menace of stray dogs and pestering by hawkers and the lack of adequate number of toilets changing rooms and cloakrooms have made holidaying on this beach resort a notsopleasant proposition for foreign and domestic tourists. The pestering drought and the increasing intrusion by those from the plains alienate the indigenous population from land and forests thus forcing them to migrate. He says the executive engineer concerned had been pestering him to deposit a sum of Rs 7000 instead with the market union if he wanted to have an electricity connection. . 151 Staff Reporter Pestering claims life ANANTAPU. Alleged pestering of a girl by a youth in the fourth road locality here resulted in a suicide bid by the girl and her mother in which the mother lost her life on Saturday. According to the police one Siva was allegedly pestering Afreen 16 and fixed a deadline to accept his marriage proposal or face the consequences. For the past few months Chandrashekar a school dropout had been allegedly pestering Anjali to marry him.