pester meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pester meaning in tamil is தொந்தரவுசெய்

pester meaning in tamil with example

pester tamil meaning and more example for pester will be given in tamil.
Autorickshaw fare Autorickshaw and taxi drivers pester the train passengers who come out of Madurai railway station. Students should pester and impress upon the faculty the need for organising or participating in some seminar or other. According to the prosecution Reddy used to follow the autorickshaw by which Vasudha was being dropped at school and pester her. If they dont see any violations relating to helmet seatbelt or mobile phone rules they pester us to show vehicle documents. No case has been registered on these complaints so far as the offenders cease to pester complainants after getting calls from the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police Ernakulam Range.