pest meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pest meaning in tamil is பூச்சி, மனிதருக்கத் தீங்கு விளைவிக்கும் பிராணி

pest meaning in tamil with example

pest tamil meaning and more example for pest will be given in tamil.
There was bumper harvest of all the crops and there was no pest attack to any crop in the district he noted. Due to the rapid growth of the world population it becomes necessary to increase food production and for this we need plants that produce nutritious food and are also pest and stress resistant. Pointing out that coffee growers were yet to overcome the crisis being faced by the industry which started five years ago he said production of coffee has decreased because of pest attacks. The panel has proposed a comprehensive farm insurance scheme covering longterm crops and cash crops to help farmers face natural disasters and pest attacks. He asked agricultural officers to pay more attention for control of pest and disease management to enhance agriculture output. University scientists submitted a report on its findings on the heleothesis pest developing immunity to pesticides and increasing incidence of flower drops in red gram. A seminar on Sugarcane and pest attack would be held on January 21 at the Sakthi Sugars Appakudal. The yield of red gram also increased this year because of vegetative growth and less incidence of pest problem. The Sericulture Department had advised farmers to adopt the Integrated Nutrient Management and the Integrated Pest Management strategies which will pave the way for improving the soil fertility Mr. Mathew over population of coconut trees nonremoval of old and senile trees and absence of scientific pest and disease management were the major causes that hamper higher productivity.