persuade meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
persuade meaning in tamil is வற்புறுத்து

persuade meaning in tamil with example

persuade tamil meaning and more example for persuade will be given in tamil.
The new Conservative Party leader David Cameron has invoked the words of Mahatma Gandhi to rally his demoralised troops in his campaign to persuade the party to accept change. Unless we realise the importance of the media and persuade it to partner with civil society in checking the spread of HIVAIDS we cannot succeed in creating a mass movement against the disease Dr. Mallikarjun Kharge said the State Government will persuade the Centre to give final clearances for the metro rail project which will reduce the burden on the city roads and help improve road safety. The question therefore is why have the proEelam groups in Tamil Nadu never tried to persuade the Tamil to engage in substantive discussions within a time frame or even come up with alternatives for a lasting peaceful solution. Nevertheless today the Prime Minister seeks to persuade the world that the war was justifiable because Saddam Hussein was toppled and there now exists in Iraq a slender hope of democracy. As competition for attention grew newspapers will have to try harder to persuade young people of the value of serious journalism whether delivered on screen on plastic paper which is the next big thing or on oldfashioned dead trees he felt. The National Highway authorities may persuade the local authorities to find a permanent solution to the problem. And he would persuade a semidetached Bush administration tacitly to set aside the road map and tag along. Many women were impressed with the way the children tried to persuade them not to burn tyres plastics and other nondegradable material.