perspective meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
perspective meaning in tamil is பரப் பார்வை

perspective meaning in tamil with example

perspective tamil meaning and more example for perspective will be given in tamil.
Shah said the organisers decided to invite the faculty members too to help them get a perspective of the requirements of the industry. Fernando spoke on Indias role in globalisation while Professor Eros gave a global perspective and said that a nation should not lose its identity in the process of development and globalisation. Fifthseeded HeninHardenne who put Martina Hingis comeback into perspective on Monday recorded a 62 62 secondround victory over Vera Dushevina of Russia. The Lord instructed Arjuna to rise above the linear perspective of life and view the entire world from the absolute standpoint. Right perspective A government official had encouraging words for the physically challenged at an inaugural session of a sensitisation programme. Laxmans cartoons convert this rage and the frustrations of the common man into humour putting an issue in perspective and on the spot. As for alternative livelihood he underscored the need for a comprehensive perspective such as providing forward linkage to export markets for those opting for crab and lobster fattening. Muthuraman said it was from this perspective that Tata Steel had started a wholly owned subsidiary the Jamshedpur Urban Utilities and Services Company JUSCO to initially acquire expertise in water management power distribution and roads. Problems occurred because of mindless consumption and slowness to react loss of perspective on the past and future. While parents are not comfortable answering questions on sex from their children it is important to give them right perspective on the issue.