persistence meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
persistence meaning in tamil is சளைக்காத குணம்

persistence meaning in tamil with example

persistence tamil meaning and more example for persistence will be given in tamil.
India had reservations about playing in Karachi but agreed after persistence from PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan who hails from Karachi. He was brought to Gandhi Hospital the next day but unable to bear the persistence of his attackers he decided to approach the commission for justice. Such persistence should elicit only one befitting response from the Government 151 a suggestion to the U.S. to withdraw the Ambassador because it is impossible to permit such statements from a foreign country. In a televised address she cited the persistence of a clear threat to the nation even after the detection of the suspected coupbid by the heads of Scout Rangers and Marines two elite military units and the chief of Special Action Force a commando unit within the national police. In a similar way the persistence with the bank cash transaction tax has been received with more equanimity than when it was first announced. The Kathopanishad while revealing the inner essence of many subtle truths of existence also illustrates the extraordinary persistence and infinite patience required to comprehend them. Unparliamentary language The entire Opposition including members of the Shiromani Akali Dal and the BJP walked out in protest against the persistence of Mr. The fact remains that distrust caused by persistence of problems and disputes have prevented these ideas form becoming a reality. Savaseru Godhumalu explained that borrowing would nevertheless push one into a debt trap while E Kulam needi harped on persistence of caste discrimination.