persist meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
persist meaning in tamil is பிடிவாதமாயிரு

persist meaning in tamil with example

persist tamil meaning and more example for persist will be given in tamil.
And yet people still persist in believing that New Year magically melts away fat nicotine cravings relationship problems and career voids. Though some teething troubles pertaining to closing of doors persist because of which the 16 trains running on Line III often get slightly delayed as the driver has to then manually close the doors and resume the journey overall the system has started settling down. As all these are expected to take some time the residents around the yard feel that any further wait for things to happen will only worsen the sanitary conditions in their area because of the huge mounds of garbage that persist in the yard. Once a Government with a fresh mandate assumes office it can either modify or persist with the proposals. Moving to the Indian side they too should not persist with the move to promote Rahul Dravid in the batting order the 410run partnership notwithstanding. While doubts about the implementation of the programme persist given the diverse population profile the organisers are confident to pull it off taking everyone along. Dharam Singh was advised by the Governor and several senior Congress leaders to resign rather than persist with his demand for another floor test. Corporation Commissioner M.P.Vijayakumar said the rise in caesarean deliveries was indicative of how women in labour were willing to persist with the services offered at the Corporation health posts. Problems still persist and our party will make honest and sincere efforts to resolve them and rise to the expectations of the people he said.