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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
periods meaning in tamil is மாதவிடாய்,உதிரப்போக்கு நாள்

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Kanniappan said the agreements were valid for a period of five years and the universities would review the MoU before the end of the specified periods to evaluate the progress made and would be extended further on mutual consent. The FCNR interest rates for SBT with the periods indicated in brackets Dollar deposits 4.60 per cent one year to less than two years 4.62 per cent two years to less than four years 4.63 per cent four years to less than five years and 4.63 per cent five years. Raghavan said that proper handling of fruits and vegetables putting up cold chains to preserve perishables and also using modern techniques of precooling and packaging would keep harvested produce fresher for longer periods of time. They had crossed many turbulent periods in their life and confidently faced them to protect the interests of fellow people. He needed to give Akhtar a longer burst than six overs with the new ball and kept Kaneria on for long periods even when the legspinner was being treated with disdain by Dhoni and Pathan. Indian Overseas Bank IOB has made an upward revision of interest rates on domestic and NRO term deposits by 25 to 50 basis points for maturity periods of one year and above from January 23. Indias all leftarm pace pack in Faisalabad lacked variety although Zaheer Khan did operate round the wicket for long periods in a bid to change the line of attack. He noted that inflow of private investments to the sector during the Eighth and Ninth Plan periods had belied the hopes of planners since the basic problems with the sector had not been sorted out.