penury meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
penury meaning in tamil is அதிக வறுமை

penury meaning in tamil with example

penury tamil meaning and more example for penury will be given in tamil.
When Kannur secured the status of the town of export excellence by exploiting the handloom tradition here handloom weavers here were left in penury and merchant exporters became prosperous. Kunhan slugged Experience talks about those Muslims of West Bengal who are in penury craving for a leader like Mr. Karunanidhi to give jobs to the heirs of the 82 road workers who died in penury or committed suicide in the last four years. While monsoon brings cheer to the hearts of the general public the fisherfolk dread these days of penury and lack of work. Meanwhile a penury stricken farmer allegedly ended his life by hanging at village Mudhari in Kulpahad tehsil of Mahoba on Friday. Karunanidhi was pained by the reports that some farmers in Thanjavur district who were in utter penury consumed rodents. Baby said that his Government would be dutybound to protect the educational rights of people who have been pushed to backwardness and penury because of historical circumstances. Tribes such as Jenu Kurubas Betta Kurubas Eravas and Kudiyas have been living in penury inside the forests for ages. What if as a result of the ban families of working children are reduced to penury without any livelihood options. He alleged that custodial deaths and farmers in penury committing suicides have become common in different parts of the State. He alleged that instances of custodial deaths have reached an alltime record and farmers committing suicide out of penury continued owing to the Governments antifarmer policies.