penetrate meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
penetrate meaning in tamil is ஊடுருவிச் செல்

penetrate meaning in tamil with example

penetrate tamil meaning and more example for penetrate will be given in tamil.
To penetrate deeper into rural areas the LIC has entered into an agreement with the Pandian Grama Bank to sell its products. N. Sunrays even a scintilla would find it hard to penetrate the foliage giving one a feeling that it is still early hours in the morning. The Kurds received a great deal of funding for 12 years prior to the war and U.S. intelligence agencies utilised the region as a base to penetrate the rest of the country. With these countries trying to emulate Indias success the council advised its membercompanies to focus on countries promising good prospects but difficult to penetrate in view of the language barrier such as Germany Japan Spain and China. Stating that with the advent of the electronic media and its strong hold on the masses performing arts had to penetrate through competitive performance Mr. Vijaylakshmi presented their paper on communication technology that will result in customer satisfaction proposing the use of debit cards and smart cards to penetrate into the rural markets and also suggested the setting up of kiosks and echoupals. On coral bleaching he said it used to occur when the sky was clear and the wind velocity was low in summer which is favourable for ultraviolet rays to penetrate water and decolourise bleach corals which eventually lead to its mortality. Moscow recently said it had developed a new supersonic manoeuvrable warhead that could penetrate any present or future antimissile defences. However the industry never flourished beyond a certain level and the products failed to penetrate niche segments outside the State owing to government apathy and lack of enthusiasm from elected representatives to develop the village into a vibrant textile cluster.