pedal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pedal meaning in tamil is காற் தடம், மிதிக்கட்டை

pedal meaning in tamil with example

pedal tamil meaning and more example for pedal will be given in tamil.
The luggage above the brake pedal could have prevented his access to the brake pedal and this might have led to the swerving of the vehicle. The musical fountain and the two pedal boats in the parks pond are being operated by the District Tourism Promotion Council DTPC. As I was not provided night shelter I was forced to pedal at nights.I took both good and bad memories with equanimity he added. The machine was linked to a real accelerator of a bus and with every degree of pressing of the pedal the machine dispensed diesel into an open combustion chamber with a cylinder and piston. The harder they pressed the pedal greater the amount of diesel coming out of the injecting nozzle here visible to the drivers. Changing that notion that most breakthrough discoveries are only in the West he has on his list of inventions a pedal operated washing machine a tree climber a manual milking machine wind mill operated power generator and even a pomegranate peeling and deseeding machines. Drivers should be able to anticipate stops and remove their foot from the accelerator pedal well before the stop and thereby do away with unnecessary braking. It is normal to watch young bicyclists hanging on to bigger vehicles to get to a destination faster without using much pedal power. Consequently about half the lake has been demarcated for motor boats and the other half for pedal and row boats. While some of the visitors knew how to control their row and pedal boats many panicked and sought the help of the lifeguards.