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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pebble meaning in tamil is கூழாங்கல்

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China began its research into this technology in the 1990s at Tsinghua University in Beijing and using Germanlicensed technology began to construct an experimental 30 million 10 MW pebble bed reactor in 1995. It is theoretically impossible for pebble bed reactors to melt down since even if all safety devices were switched off the reactor cannot achieve high enough temperatures to melt its own materials and therefore would simply cool down slowly remaining physically undamaged. The only other country actively working on commercial pebble bed reactors is South Africa but pressure from environmentalists means that development there has faced many delays. This is his first Masters an invitation made possible by his inaugural U.S. PGA Tour victory at the Pebble Beach National ProAm. A rustic board game once patronised by women in Tamil Nadu was the toast of scholars who attended the international colloquium on the Pit and Pebble Game at Fribourg University Switzerland in September. A mix of pebble powder paste with liquid gum is used for embossing the ornaments and jewellery on the body of the figures. Gate practice outer sand 1000m Major Image Neeraj Pebble Beach D.G.Shanker Premier Panache Baria 111 60044.5. Trio moved freely. Atwal was two behind jointleaders Phil Mickelson John Mallinger and Nick Watney who shot sevenunder 65 at the picturesque Pebble Beach course. Phil Mickelson got his season on track Sunday by closing with a 6under 66 under surprising sunshine to tie the tournament record at the Pebble Beach National ProAm and win by five shots for the 30th victory of his career.